Wednesday, Jul 30, 2014

Cam Position Sensor

My Miata was only hard to start when the engine was warm and on a warm or hot day. When the engine was cold it would start fine. But then when it was hot and on a hot day that took it a long time to cool down it would just crank and not fire up.

For a long time I was only receiving an EGR error code. PO402 EGR Flow Excessive Detected. It took a period of about two years and then it started throwing out a cam position sensor code. I replaced it and both of my errors went away. Prior to that I was replacing wires and plugs each summer. That seemed to get me through. This time I replaced the coils and that did nothing to help. So even if you are not getting the cam position sensor code on your miata You might think about changing it out.


  1. Yes, when mine gets too hot (its 101 today} it will not start until I open the hood to let it cool. It misfires a few times, too. I replaced the coil two years ago; will try the sensor. Thanks!!

  2. Worked like a charm. Super easy to replace– literally took one minute. Ordered the part from O’reillys for about 70.00. It runs smoother and starts right up. Thanks!!!

  3. Luckily, I was in front or beside a bar three times the other day in 100 degree temps in Florida when my hot Miata would not start. I left the hood open and went back into the saloons. I’m not going to fix it! Really, a new cam position sensor for $95.00 at Advance Auto took care of the problem.

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