Empire Car Cover for Miata

Empire Car Covers has a high quality 4 layer all weather cover that will protect your Miata from harsh weather and the sun. They have a wide selection of different miata covers to choose from. This particular cover is their Titan Car Cover. This is their top of the line 4 layer cover.The Titan cover is ultrasonically welded together to ensure 100% waterproof protection.The cover works as a total protective system it has 3 outer layers of polypropylene and 1 inner layer of fleece. You can use the cover indoors and outdoors. This cover has a lifetime warranty.The cover is breathable which allows moisture to evaporate and prevent mildew. The inner fleece layer is gentle on your miata’s paint. The cover is UV treated to protects your paint from fading plus helps keep the car surface cool.

The Hem is fully elastic for a good snug fit with straps to keep it in place. Optionally available is a lock and cable kit that runs through special grommets on the sides of the cover.

Here is the cover new from the factory. Its folded up real nice. Don’t worry even after you use it the cover will fit back in the included pouch.
 Passengers side
Back Side.
 Drivers side.


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